Our Story

I have a long history with dogs starting with border collies back in the 1980’s when I trained them for working the sheep.  I then had 2 springer spaniels from my Dad in 2004 and my love affair with spaniels started! David and I now have 4 spaniels; grandad (Harry), who is now retired, we lost grandma (Edi) in 2019 at 14. Their daughter is Saffy, who is now semi-retired and her two pups Ivy and Monty, who both regularly work. Ivy will be taking the line forward when she has pups.

Our Philosophy

Our dogs are bred to be bold and have great stamina, being able to work all day rain or shine.  They are also bred for their high prey drive and ability to find game in even the thickest cover.  They are small enough to get underneath bramble and find the toughest birds. We do not compete our dogs only work the locally and although finding the right stud dog is important, we are not concerned about field trial champions.

Meet the Dogs


Kenmilquin Daisy  aka Grandma RIP 2005-2019


Solo Ace   aka Grandad


Kingsdyke Saffron   Daughter of Edi and Harry


Kingsdyke Forget-me-not

Saffy’s daughter.



Kingsdyke Burdock
Saffy’s son