Working Springers
Kingsdyke springers are bred to work, although we do not compete in trials with them. They are used as beating dogs on our local shoots.
Their prey drive is high and are happiest when hunting and active. The female line has been in my family for over 5 generations, so we know the traits of our dogs really well. We only breed every 2-4 years when we are looking to have another pup to bring on. I always keep a bitch pup, so that I can keep the line going. As a result, the selection of the stud dog is crucial as we want to keep our line’s excellent working ability and each dog must be carefully selected.

Getting new people or the next generation into shooting is really important, as the generations become more detached from the natural world and the countryside.  If you have ever thought of getting into working your dog but don’t have any contacts or knowledge, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  There is no such thing as a stupid question!!

Harry and pups

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